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This Week's City 7:

7. How can I trust that the Bible is still God’s Word today? I trust the Bible is still God’s Word today because Jesus rose from the dead proving He was God and said His words would never pass away. Through the Holy Spirit, God inspired the writing of the Scripture, determined the canon of Scripture and protected the copying of Scripture so that we might know Him and worship Him to this day.
(Matthew 24:35; 2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:16-21; Revelation 22:18-19)


Clayton loves pie. What's YOUR favorite dessert?

Discussion Questions:

Have someone read Ezekiel 36:26-27 aloud. 

  • We've received such a positive response to this series on the Holy Spirit. Many people say they haven't heard much teaching on who the Holy Spirit is and what He does and that they are learning a lot the past two weeks. What have you learned so far about the Holy Spirit that was surprising to you?

  • Ezekiel 36 prophesies about the New Covenant. He says that God will give us a new heart and put His Spirit in us. He will take out our hard, stoney hearts and replace them with hearts that are tender and responsive to Him... a heart that is open to God that will move us follow and obey and worship Him. Do you remember the time when God took out your heart of stone and replaced it with a soft, receptive heart? How did your heart change when you were saved? How did your wants, desires and priorities change?

  • Paul tells us in Romans 7 what it looks like to serve God in the New Covenant. Before it was about the rules, regulations and sacrifices. He says that with Jesus things have changed. We serve God not in the old way of doing better and trying harder, but in the new way of the Spirit. When we are saved, God baptizes us with His Spirit... He places His Spirit inside of us. And to follow Jesus in the New Covenant means placing our hope in Jesus and walking in step with the Holy Spirit. What do you think it means to "walk in the Spirit?" Do you think you experience this in your daily life?

  • Clayton explained to us the difference between baptism in Spirit and being filled with the Spirit. Baptism in the Spirit happens at conversion. Paul says in Ephesians 1 that we have been given the full measure of His spirit, giving us every spiritual blessing. This is a one-time event. Being FILLED with the Spirit, however, can and should happen continually. There are times when we are able to get an extra dose of His Spirit in these small, holy moments. It's almost like He gets all of you in that moment, and you are suddenly aware of His holiness, glory and love.  Have there been times in your life when you have experienced this? How do you know that you were being filled with the Holy Spirit? Have you ever been certain that His presence was with you in a special and distinct way? What was it like?

  • Paul says in Ephesians to not be drunk with wine, but be filled with the Spirit. It's interesting he makes this comparison because when you are filled with the Spirit, He takes over your mind and your life. You act differently. Being FILLED with the Holy Spirit is not getting more of the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit getting more of YOU. It happens when we intentionally submit more and more of our lives to Him. It's not about losing control, but giving up control to Him. Does he have all of you? Do you long for the presence and power of God in your daily life? Let's spend some extra time praying for His Spirit to move in ourselves, our group and our families.

Prayer Topics:

  • That we would seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • That we would submit ourselves to Him daily.
  • That we would learn what it means to walk with the Spirit.

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