Monday Devo

Scripture Reading:

1 Corinthians 7
Now regarding the questions you asked in your letter. Yes, it is good to abstain from sexual relations. 2 But because there is so much sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife, and each woman should have her own husband.
3 The husband should fulfill his wife’s sexual needs, and the wife should fulfill her husband’s needs. 4 The wife gives authority over her body to her husband, and the husband gives authority over his body to his wife.
5 Do not deprive each other of sexual relations, unless you both agree to refrain from sexual intimacy for a limited time so you can give yourselves more completely to prayer. Afterward, you should come together again so that Satan won’t be able to tempt you because of your lack of self-control.

Commentary from the ESV Study Bible:

7:4 The emphasis here is on mutuality in the marriage relationship within the overall framework described in Eph. 5:22–23 and Col. 3:18–19.
7:5 Do not deprive. Abstention from sexual relations in marriage should be limited to short periods of time and only by mutual consent of the husband and wife.

Study Questions:

  • The first thing Clayton wanted us to see on Sunday is that God is for SEX! He created it! It was part of his design. Now let's go a bit further, shall we? God wants you to have TONS of great sex with your spouse. YES and AMEN! How does this differ, if at all, from the way you were raised to think about sex? Is it difficult for you to wrap your mind around the fact that God created sex to be enjoyed and wants you to do it as much as possible once you're married?

  • Sex done God's way is always good. But the enemy would try to distort and twist his design into all sorts of perversions. This is why sexual sin and temptation is so dangerous and can take us places we never meant to go. Sex NOT done God's way leads to hurt and pain and shame. Are there any wounds from your past that God might be wanting to deal with? Do you need healing for any past or present wounds? 


  • That you would remember God created sex and wants to you enjoy it with your spouse.
  • That you would allow God to minister to you and heal you from any wounds.

This Week's City 7:

Try to commit to memory! 

7. How can I trust that the Bible is still God’s Word today? I trust the Bible is still God’s Word today because Jesus rose from the dead proving He was God and said His words would never pass away. Through the Holy Spirit, God inspired the writing of the Scripture, determined the canon of Scripture and protected the copying of Scripture so that we might know Him and worship Him to this day.
(Matthew 24:35; 2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:16-21; Revelation 22:18-19)

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