// PARTY TOGETHER // There are many examples in the Bible of celebrations, parties, festivals and people just being together enjoying each other. We will gather together in large groups and small groups to PARTY in order to celebrate God and what He has done for us and to enjoy each other. God is not anti-fun, so we will have fun, we will laugh together and we will worship God! In other words, we will “PARTY TOGETHER!”


// DISCOVER TOGETHER // Using the Bible as our guide, we will discover God’s character, heart and plan together in large & small groups! We will preach God’s word with passion and clarity so it’s easy to understand. We will discuss God’s word in groups so that we learn from each other and apply God’s word to our lives. Engaging God’s word together is the way to life change, joy and freedom!


// OBEY TOGETHER // Jesus said that the way we show our love for Him is to obey what He commanded. James, His brother, said that if we just listen to the word but don’t do it then we deceive ourselves. So, together as a church in large groups and small groups (City Groups), we will seek to apply God’s word to our lives and follow Jesus together! We trust that God’s way is best and will bring us lasting joy and freedom, so we will OBEY His commands TOGETHER!


// ON MISSION TOGETHER // Jesus told his disciples to make disciples of all nations. Jesus told His disciples that the workers are few and to pray for more workers for the harvest. We want to pray for and be the workers Jesus desires to use to reach the world with the gospel. As we love, serve, bless and share the gospel in Jesus’ name, we will be disciples that make disciples. As God said in the beginning, we will seek be fruitful and multiply together!


// PRAY TOGETHER // We believe that if want to see results like they saw in the book of Acts, we have to pray like they prayed in the book of Acts! Acts 1 says that the early church was constantly getting TOGETHER to pray! So, in large groups and small groups, we want it to be true of us that we constantly pray together!